Our Philosophy

Let us help today so you can enjoy the organized side of life!


At Simply Neat & Clean, we stand by the idea that what organization can do for you is truly powerful. It's what drives us as a company, along with our passion for function and design, to help others create spaces and events that are not only well-organized, but also personal and stylish.


We always strive to leave our clients with the skill set and know-how to maintain order themselves once we leave. We also help take the pressure off planning your special event so you can focus on creating special memories and having a great time at your event.



Like many other organizers out there, it was during a career in the related fields of real estate and design where I realized that I REALLY enjoyed organization and planning special events. I would find myself spending a lot of time organizing my family and friends (much to their appreciation!), and I found how profoundly gratifying it was for me to teach others how to organize their lives and help them create a fresh start. I also can never pass up an opportunity to throw a party, shower, or event for friends and loved ones. I revel in all the little details and planning that comes with organizing an event. To see the satisfaction and delight from others is truly the most rewarding for me.

With my extensive training and work in art + design, I approach organizing and event planning in an artful and stylish way and with a sense of passion and enjoyment, resulting in unique, custom spaces and events that reflect my clients personalities and style. With my impeccable organization and time management skills, much thought and detail always goes into planning and execution and is what sets my company apart from the rest.

Thank you for visiting!


Simone Poingsett

Organizer ::: Designer ::: Event Planner