Ask Simply Neat & Clean about...


What are your hours?

Our hours are Monday - Friday from 9AM-6PM. We generally schedule sessions during the week and weekend between 8AM-7PM. However, we can be accommodating and flexible with your available hours. For email requests, expect a response within two hours. If we are unable to answer your phone call, we are mostly likely at a session. If you leave a message, we will get back to you within 24 hours.

What cities do you serve?

Simply Neat & Clean is based in West Hollywood, CA. We currently serve the entire Los Angeles metro area. We do consider travel to other destinations in California.

What happens if I need to cancel an appointment?

We require a minimum 48 hour notice of cancellation for scheduled appointments and sessions. We totally understand that life situations happen that are unexpected, but we just ask that you give us as much notice as possible to reschedule your appointment.

How much does your services cost?

An initial on-site consultation at your location is FREE of charge. You’ll then receive a personalized proposal, outlining recommended services. For more information on specific pricing for our services, check out our Services section.

What happens at a consultation? How long do they last?

Organizing consults tend to run between 1-2 hours depending on the size of your space and the complexity of the project. Event planning consults are typically between 1-3 hours. Design and staging appointments are usually between 1-2 hours. After the initial consult, you’ll receive a personalized plan-of-action proposal, outlining your goals and objectives, detailing recommended services, materials, and any associated fees and costs.

What form of payments do you accept?

We accept check, cash and credit card through Paypal. There is a $35 charge for any checks returned.

When should I make payments for your services?

A 50% deposit must be made at least 72 hours before our first scheduled session, or appointment including speaking engagements and trainings. Full payment is due immediately at the end of our last organizing session or appointment. The client is responsible for agreed-upon supplies for the completion of the project. Shopping for organization supplies is available to you at an additional cost. Any incurred cost by Simply Neat & Clean from the shopping supplies will be accompanied with a receipt and is due at the end of the first session.

I know someone who is in desperate need of your services. Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes, we offer gift certificates that you can purchase for that special someone. This is great gift for family, friends, and colleagues. At some point, everyone can use a little help organizing whether it's for the home, office or a special event. Head over to our Shop to purchase yours today!

I'm concerned about confidentiality.

Confidentiality is extremely important to us too. Not only do we strongly adhere to NAPO's "Code of Ethics", but we also have strict guidelines and are committed to protect your privacy and highly sensitive material. See our Policies and Privacy & Security section for more information.

What is a professional organizer?

A professional organizer is a person who believes in the power of organization, order + balance, and truly enjoys making a difference in others lives. We are non-judgmental professionals who guide you through your organizational journey. We help you work towards reaching your goals by helping get rid of bad habits through transferring of skills and knowledge to you, and set you up to get you quickly and effectively organized. A great organizer always makes sure to leave a client with the tools, knowledge, and support to maintain their space once they leave. Usually, we're bit of perfectionists too with an eye for detail!!

What should I expect during our initial PHONE conversation?

Once you have filled out and returned the Needs Assessment Evaluation, we’ll set up a phone conversation that gives us a great starting point in learning more about you, your space and the specific challenge(s) you are facing. In our conversation, we like to get a better feel of what your needs and expectations are so we’ll come with lots of questions. Be ready to ask us a ton of questions as well. Typically, it can last anywhere between 15-30 minutes. Once we’ve established the objectives, we’ll setup a time to meet for your FREE on-site consult.

I just need a little education and guidance from you and would like you to look at my space and create a plan for me to implement. Is that possible?

Absolutely! This is a great option for someone who has the skills, will power and determination to work alone. After our initial on-site consultation, we can create a “How-To” plan for you to implement on your own which will help keep you on task. The flat fee for the “How-To” plan is $250 and it includes three (3) “check-ins” by phone or email.

How many hours does it take to organize?

The timeframe can vary from project to project. Once we have an on-site consult, we’ll be able to better determine the timeframe needed to get you organized. Generally, it will depend on the size of the room or home that we are organizing, the amount of clutter that needs to be removed and the time it takes for you to make decisions. We work with lots of energy which allows us to work quickly and efficiently. However, we want you to be comfortable and not overwhelmed while working so we can go at a pace that works for you. Not only are we organizing for you, but also making sure that we take the time to teach you the organizing skills necessary to maintain order once we leave.

How should I prepare for our first session?

There is no need to physically prepare for our first session. We prefer that you leave your space “as-is” so that we can accurately see your current situation. We work on building you up and giving you the confidence and skills to be successful by being your guide, coach, and motivator.

Are you going to make me throw out a lot of my stuff?

We NEVER force you throw out anything. We totally understand that certain items in our lives hold special memories and significance. Our job is to help you define what is actually important to you and your space by asking a series of questions. With our guidance, coaching and motivation, we can help you recognize and understand certain patterns and old ways of thinking that are creating stress. By learning how to "let go", you are essentially empowering yourself to make the right decisions and changes so you can be on your way to breaking habits that just aren't working for you.

Will I have to purchase a bunch of supplies and products for our sessions?

We will definitely try to use as much of your existing products as we can to get you organized. However, there may be products that are needed (i.e. hangers, filling systems, office products, storage boxes, etc.) in order effectively organize your space and make it more personal and stylish. We will recommend certain products that can be the most effective, but you are not obligated to purchase them. We will figure out and discuss exactly what is needed during our consultation.

Do I have to be present during the entire organizing sessions?

In most cases, we require you to be present so that we can be most effective in making decisions and changes. Organizing sessions aren't just about coming in, cleaning up the space, and leaving. It's also a time to learn and form new habits, systems, and structures in order to maintain order once we leave. However, we understand that sometimes people are busy with work and other obligations, so we are not opposed to organizing alone. But in order to be the most effective in decision-making, we need your participation. If you are unable to attend the full organizing session, we at least ask for a reasonable amount of side-by-side work.

Do you redesign or build closets or garage systems?

At this time, we do not build closet or garage systems. However, we know some great vendors that do! If your organizing plan calls for a new system, we can connect you with a few of our recommended vendors.**Please Note - Closet and garage systems costs/fees are separate from Simply Neat & Clean and are at the client's expense.

How do I know which organizing package to pick?

During our consultation, we will discuss your challenges and needs for the project. At that time, we will make our recommendations for the best package for your needs. However, it completely up to you with what package you chose. Typically, packages are the most cost effective for you and allow us to get the most done.

Are you a moving company?

We are not a moving company, but we will help organize, coordinate, pack and unpack your space. Clients will need to hire any moving and cleaning companies if desired. We can recommend vendors, but it's completely the client's choice. See the Moving & Packing section for more details.

If I am preparing my house for sale and I need to move soon, will you help with staging?

Yes! We can help take care of you from start to finish by helping you stage, pack, and unpack in your new space. In addition, we can help you redesign your new space to suit your style. Check out our Services section for more info on our staging and redesign services.