Thank you for your interest in working with Simply Neat & Clean!

We are always looking for ways to make connections with industry professionals and innovative entrepreneurs in the community. We have a lot to offer other businesses, and it allows us to learn valuable information and tools to grow our own business. We stand for quality, integrity, teamwork and providing the best customer service experience, and choose to work with others who share these high-standards.

Sounds like you? Then let's work together to grow our businesses!


Do you have a client who needs assistance staging their home for a sale? We can help! We have experience with residential sales and know what it takes to sell a home. We'd be happy to come in and help declutter and redesign your client's space to maximize their sell price potential. Contact us today!

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Are you an independent contractor or company specializing in home improvement, closet or garage organization systems, trash removal or house cleaning? Or do you specialize in hoarding and chronic disorganization? We’d LOVE to work with you! Contact us if you’re interested in joining forces.


Other Organizers

Sometimes we get more clients than we can handle or we book a large, demanding project. Let's work together to help tackle those large projects or why not refer each other's clients (with a referral fee of course!) and take some of the pressure off. Contact us today!