Let this move be an opportunity to remove excess and downsize what you have. 

We'll help you purge, sort, label and box up your items. Also, if you need to make room for a new partner, family or new baby, we'll be happy to help. Whatever the reason, your home is about to change. Let us help you get ready to have a brand new start with a well-organized and clutter-free space.




Packing & Unpacking

We'll take the stress out of moving for you by coordinating your move from start to finish.

We can purge, sort, label, and box up your items. In addition, we can meet you at your destination and unpack, line shelves, categorize, alphabetize, color-code, refold and organize at your new location. 


Vendor Coordination

Sometimes coordinately the different companies and vendors can become a logistical nightmare!

We'll make sure your movers are confirmed and will supervise while they pack, load and deliver your belongings. We'll also make sure we've scheduled every utility transfer, requested a change of address notice, and coordinated appointments and/or installations.





We'll help you create a timeline of events and a detailed to-do checklist so that you can stay organized for your move. We'll help sort, purge, pack, and help you coordinate your vendors. All boxes will have color-coded labels with a corresponding detailed log to reference the interior contents and to track where the box came from and where it is going to.



(1) Materials for labeling system

(2) Inventory log book

(3) One carload of donations per day


Smooth and efficient is the goal of this day! Moving day can be a very chaotic scene with movers zipping around grabbing boxes and constantly asking where your things should go. We'll help you manage the logistics of your move, and oversee movers by directing them where to place items in the appropriate rooms. Before the movers arrive, we'll post signs and outline the floor with tape to show where furniture and/or boxes should go.

*Only available if SN&C team has packed your move*



Moving is exhausting. Let us help get you settled in and organized. We will meet you at your destination and unpack, line shelves, categorize, alphabetize, color-code, refold and organize at your new location. Now that you are in your fresh new space, this is a great opportunity to set up new organizational habits and systems in order to maintain order once we leave. 



(1) Moving and packing materials will be broken down and removed.

(2) One carload of donations per day

~ À la Carte Services: ~

Printable color-coded labeling system

Detailed checklist with written Moving Day plan-of-action

Shopping for moving supplies
$30/hour per store


Please Note: Custom pricing is available for a combination of services. We do not move or build/breakdown furniture, and boxes must be ready to unload in the correct room. There is no deep cleaning, teaching of organizing skills or coaching during this time. There will be one (1) organizer present. Our approach is for smaller jobs and not multi-person, large scale projects. We will work however you'd like - on our own or as a helping hand working alongside you. The owner must be on-site during the entire process.